Falling for it again!!

15 12 2001

I think I have been attracted by the innocence again. I really do need to get over this. Initially it was ok, as I was doing fine and did not have any hiccups. Then came this time, when I took up a course as I had thought that there would be more girls there and … 🙂
The course turned out to be good and had a flock of girls around me most of the time. This was the time I had started making stories to impress, although there used to be a shred of truth in them, still I was amazed at the panache with which I could coolly do it. It made me realize that I needed to either hone those skills or do away with them. I am as yet not sure what I did!!
Anyways! back on the topic, it so happens that these cute one’s have joined around the same time as me and me being what I am have started to get back to my wooing tactics. One seems a proper baby, fresh out of learning school, and the other looks more mature and open to talk. I have been allocated along with the baby one for now.




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