New Year bus journey!!

31 12 2001

This reminds me of all the years I spent in college. The new year days used to be the ones where we just used to get freed from all the studies and exams and start off for home to reach on the day or a day after. The lasting impression was from one of these days only when I was coming back and was in a throughly depressed state. I didn’t realize that I would be reaching late and there would be no transportation available. Well! got out from the train and finally in the wee hours of the morning (after sitting out at the station for almost 4 hours, in a college blue shirt and jeans) caught the green line bus to home. Had nothing else except my suitcase and did not want to open it, as i had just stuffed it with the stuff and it was just looking for a chance to spill out. I literally froze on that journey back home (although the night journey on the train was worse… 😦 ), but finally made through it. Remembering that last years journey, still sends the shivers down me.
This year the winters are getting more intense and I am currently not in a social mood, so sitting at home and sulking over the years go by and wasted by me in my folly do do things which were beyond me.




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