Insecurites Again!!

20 03 2002

Recently I had that brush with not having a job again!!
The Manager asked me and my colleague to pack our things and leave the office. The decision to make us join again will be taken after 2-3 days; when we were supposed to come and take our training certificates… 😦
Well! Seems like the time tests you again and I had to go through a lot during those three days, along with friends consolations about finding a new job or my thinking on the option of again going for the Army training, which I had missed out on to pursue a career in Software. Anyways! things turned out fine in the end and we were given permanent positions. This again is a problem when all your insecurities go and you are stable, you tend to again go lax after completing a few days of really good hard work.
I am actually not being given that choice as my Manager is a real disciplined person who believes in doing everything right the first time through (can’t say exactly on those terms, but he likes the things to have a lifeline and we need to follow on that). I seem to go along with that, but do also tend to falter on these things and start doing things the way a college student would. This is where I need a bit of a strict hand to steer me back to the defined path…




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