Valentine Day’s Here!!

14 02 2004

Well! the day started as usual with me waking up… 🙂

I woke up to the realization that today was Valentine’s Day and I would have to take a bath atleast today.. :-((

I had already got the roses for all the girls at office yesterday and wanted to be early so as to keep the roses on their tables before they came in.. Well! as matters went, I finally managed to have a bath and get dressed for office.. ate a few morsels of the cereals and was off… but wait ! i seem to be forgetting something …. yeah! the ROSES… well! hopped back into the house and got them out..

The yellow roses are for those whom I well sort of know and those who are married or engaged … the red ones are for those whom i am close to and the special one with the ribbon is for the someone special.. 🙂

I have given the roses, but that someone special does not seem to respond like i wanted to.. I think she already has someone special in her mind and some also gave her a bunch of roses and a gift … :-((

Well! life has to go on and everyone has to have their ups and downs too.. Hopefully, someone somewhere is made for me too…

Signing off for today…




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