What we do!!

2 04 2004

I have started work on a new concept in the development arena. It starts with developing something which inspires you to create something which just kicks ass!! I have gone through that experience and have regretted that… 😦
My Manager is a real good disciplinarian and I give him full credit for making me into what I am. I have been brought up in a sheltered and disciplined environment by my parents [especially Dad] and till I don’t have someone to force me I tend to slip. In work, my Manager came to know of my this tendency fast enough and got me in the right track fast enough. I have realized that in Software documentation is the first thing and then are the logical and analytical abilities which come out in the form of comments to the code. Code should be the last thing in a developers mind. If he gets his basics right in comments, code will be a breeze!!
Do/Will I follow his principles when I advance??!! I sure hope I do…




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