Starting off again!

14 06 2004


Seems like a long time ago I planned to start with this… Anyways, now that I have settled down to this new job, I think I can start planning and doing atleast (if not all) the things I had planned for…

What I actually wanted to start off with is what am I actually doing the whole day… But, now I think I will relate to the incidents and my learning a new computer language (new for me, Oldie for all those who are there or have used it… )

I start with my first experience with the computer language Java. It was first thrusted on me with the advent of a JVM for an Embedded Platform, which was to be built for a normal training project. This project was basically to start the new MCA (Master’s in Computer Application) trainees who would come to our Company for a basic 6 months of Course training. My Project Manager thought this would be a great way to teach them about the processes that we are following and also get them into the mould which would be followed, if they were to join the Company. Thus, started the great experience… I thought that I would have to start studying Java langauge and started off with just that… It was a great time as I started with the Java Laguage reference and then got on to the Java Code… that is where i drew a blank as till this time I was reading only the Preface and the Introduction… 🙂

Well! I think that is enough of my ramblings for today will start again tomorrow…




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