Work @ iGATE

18 06 2004

Another day goes by without too much activity on my part. I have been put into the group for creating the properties file for the new devices sent by the client. The software is being developed for Nokia Client and is called the NOBS – Nokia One Browser Server. This will be a box which will deliver the content to any phone from the content providers place. So anyone who connects via GPS to the content provider [Hutch, Airtel] would be able to view the web pages on his phone. WAP would not be a requirement for these pages, they would be ordinary HTML pages, which would be converted to the respective size and shape for the phone which calls for the request.
The properties page is basically a set of files which determine how the phone looks like and what content and in what manner [size, etc.] to send to this particular phone.

This seems like a not-too-technical and not-too-mind-intensive work and I for the present am not liking it…

Had a treat from Mr. Nitin Mathur as he keeps on saying that I am earning more than him, even when I have not started with the Macromedia job as yet. I really enjoy it when he says that, but I think he is just ribbing me into treating him, so it feels good when i make him pick the tab for the same… 🙂




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