Singapore Airport and Seoul

23 09 2004

I decided to start a blog of my activities for my trip to the US soon after I landed at the US, but it took me some time to set up the necessary and required material for this… 🙂

Well! here it goes now…

We landed in the US after an excruciating journey through the land of Beauty and Cleanliness – Singapore. We had boarded a Singapore Airlines flight to come to San Francisco, California, United States of America…
The landing at Singapore was smooth and we had a around of the vast and famous Singapore Airport. This really is vast and we were most of the time going around in circles to get our bearings right and search for the terminal from which we are supposed to be leaving for the connecting flight to Seoul and then onto SFO Airport…

The best thing around here are the Internet Kiosks which are free to use by anybody and also combined are the Wireless Hotspots where you just plugin and start using your laptop; although we could not find the right spot.
Then it was on to Seoul…, here we were met with a barrage of Security personnel, who directed us to the terminal and back to the terminal again to board the same flight… (or was it another as the crew had changed…)

So finally after a Journey of around 25 Hours we finally managed to set foot on US soil… but where is the soil…




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