Where is the soil…!!

24 09 2004

So we have landed at the SFO Airport and we can’t find the soil… 🙂
So how can people say hen they land that they have touched US soil… here even the San Francisco soil is not available..
Anyways! the SFO airport is some 15 Miles from the actual city center and is also not in the San Francisco city as such, but somewhere beyond Brisbane and San Mateo County.

Well! the folks from Macromedia, Inc. were there to greet us and check on how jet lagged we actually were as there was a raging debate going on as to if we all would be jet-lagged or not…

So we proved most of them wrong and went to a place called Buca de Beppo. It is an Italian (or was it Mexican) place where we have a lot of dishes and all are HUGE… even with the 14 of us being there, and 4-5 from the Macromedia US Teams, we were unable to even get down to finishing of half the food there was. We ended up taking it home and Girish (FP QA) was given the honor of carrying it… he promptly threw the stuff away the next day after taking a bite from it in the morning…

Sam (FlexQA) displayed a good exhibition of what not to do when on a bicycle when driving in the US, when he took off like a jet on Edwin’s (FP Team) bicycle and getting himself thrown off when he braked; as he forgot that the brakes were on the opposite side as they are in India…
The bicycle catapulted over him and then did a safe landing on top of his big wobbly stomach after he had landed on his bums… 🙂

William (Immigration and HR) gave the suggestion of going for the Folsom Street fair the next day and trying that out, and we did…….




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