Monterey!! Monterey!!!

15 11 2004

Ok, so long time that I began again about the exploits that I have mentioned in my previous posts…
We were to take the route 1 to go to Monterey, and thought we had done that, we started off with firstly hiring the car and taking full insurance on it…

Next we made Gautam sit on the wheel with me beside him and Mani as the back seat driver; actually it turned out that I was the navigator, while Mani was holding on to his dear life (actually his specs) while Gautam ravaged himself on the wheel and took us all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge… 🙂 (after all I was navigating and had the map spread across in the wrong direction)

So we finally reached a viewpoint that was for the Golden Gate Bridge… 🙂

Well! So it happened that Gautam took to the wheel again [the steering one of course] along with the navigation and then managed to finally turn around and we went the right direction, exactly the opposite of the one to which we had come …

It took us many hits and misses [not the lady kind though] to take us upto the place that they call Monterey; we stopped at one of the filling stations for gas and came to know that we had missed the Route 1 by more than a mile [so goes the saying, i think]. Anyways, we kept going and narrowly missed San Jose, by going again to one of the inner roads, how in hell can these Americans find there way around, there seem to be too many sign boards and no stopping to ask for directions [that is, if our male ego ever would have allowed that… :-)]

Anyways, we reached the Monterey Aquarium in time to park our car (LOTS and LOTS of parking space and that too CLEAN… ), I had finally taken up the wheel by that time, while the navigation was left for Gautam and Moni to sort out, so we made a neat parking [of, couse, we did, what else were you thinking on :-)]… [WHEW!!!]

More on this in the next installment… !!




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