To the Aquarium!! (at monterey)

16 11 2004

Well! We finally managed to get the car parked, when we heard a BIG growl… and there was Gautam’s Stomach making all sorts of sounds for not feeding him on time; that is minus the Coke and Nacho’s he had while poor me was trying to make something out of the maze of the roads which were coming at us; never had that feeling in India before, the traffic runs so smoothly that you can ask the person parked next to you for all sorts of advise and directions to your destination… (Ah! the pains of prosperity and proper traffic rules… 🙂 )

So we went to this nice Italian (or was it Spanish, or French, or …) where Gautam instantly fell for the girl who was serving there and wanted to sit and eat the Pasta’s (he being a tatally vegitarian stuff 🙂 )

We finished eating and went to the great outdoors, where a lady came up and in a curious tone asked Gautam – “Are YOU an Indian???!!!”, appranetly she had never seen such a TDH indian, specially the T (Tall) part… 🙂 Well! after a lot of blushing and all, he finally agreed that he WAS an Indian…

Well! Finally we reached what was the END of the line…, for the tickets to get us into the Aquarium…
Took around 10 mins to get the tickets with no jostling around of people to bear with… 🙂
Oh! the pleasures of India, Mani would have surely enjoyed this part whereas we were not too happy… 😦 (details can be inquired in IM… 🙂 )

Finally! we managed to pull ourselfs away from the crowd (;-P) and got ourselves indoors …




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