Object Oriented Work!!

14 08 2005

Well! High time it has been that I visited my page and continued on my Ramblings…
The past year has been a very stressful time with me on the tenterhooks all the time as I am VERY weak on OO concepts and that is what is the work that I am currently working on during the time that I have been employed in my present company… šŸ™‚

Actually the work began with me being recruited during the interview for a compiler post and then it being transformed to a OO QA role later sometime. I never knew when it hit me that I will also have to go the OO route for me to be competitive enough in the field. But Managers being what they are I was told to complete the work given and start with the current concepts of learning about OO. The concept stage was easy, but implementation took the cake. To add to the injury, we had team mates who thought they knew all the concepts and ideas and wanted us to not learn mor as then we would advance leaving them in the background… šŸ˜¦

I suppose the work culture that I wanted and had developed is slowing getting eroded away and soon it will be time when I shall again have to resort to the last available weapon with me – CHANGE!!! šŸ˜¦




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