Lazyness and Sleeping on Weekends!!

27 08 2005

So, what do we all do these days, when we get our weekly breaks on the Saturdays and Sundays… for me it is SLEEP, and what I have heard from all those whom I have encountered till date, although my mates in Macromedia make that a habitual thing for most of the weekdays also… πŸ˜›

I was trying to get a consensus on this and found that some people actually get up early on Saturdays!!! And then I found out that these were the f(a)tness buffs… πŸ˜€ They actually think that getting up real early on a weekend (something like 7 in the morning) and going for a walk/jog will actually turn then into f(i)t, well I am as yet to achieve that for now (the fit and the fatness regime) I am fat enough now and hopefully should be going on the fitness regime soon enough if my roomie’s have their way and manage to lure me out to the cool clean environs of the morning air soon enough and at a regular pace, then I also think I will join in the ranks of those who think that waking up in weekends early is good… !!! πŸ™‚




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