Flash Player 8 goes RTW

3 09 2005

Just got the mail that FP 8 is RTW… this is the local lingo to say that we have “released to web”, the product for which we have been burning the midnight oil to get out of the production line… 🙂

The major issues were all sorted out and the managers thought that it the time was ripe for the baby to let go and find its own feet…

So, we arrived on Friday morning for another round of testing and our Manager came to us and told us that our systems were being monitored for any activity which qualified as work, and anybody who was caught in the act would be severly penalized by having to feed the whole (Studio) Team to a Lunch…

Then began the party time, one of the team members decided to do a mimicry of all the other team members and one of our past managers… and boy oh! boy it was hilarious… We got it on record too!! Finally we all were handed roses (8 red roses, to commemorate the 8th release cycle)

Went down to a place called Woody’s, and had a good time with the Finance team also coming there for lunch and we teaseing them that they would now pay the bill, so that we can conserve the money on paper by not having to give them a bill for the same… after this we decided to go for ice creams, went to a nearby place which Vidya (our Director/Manager) remembered, but on reaching it, it was not there… 🙂

On inquiry we went to the source and found it where we had been told it would b, an obscure corner, aptly named Corner House. There we gorged ourselves on the ice creams available and stuffed our tummies till they could take it no more. Then we made our way back to the Office and later in the evening made a program to watch a movie with Rishi and Gautam… (Don’t go for the movie – Aashiq Banaya Aapne, until you are interested in the sleeze … 😦




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