Anki’s B’Day Bash

6 09 2005

The day started off as usual with me going for the jogging lessons.
Office was a bit too cool and as there was not any work to do after the final release, we just sat and started with a RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of the bugs which had been entered by the Public Beta releases. (these are issues which came from the users)

Played Age of Empire II and forgot (almost) about Ankur’s Birthday party. Finally managed to get to the party after waiting for the Auto for almost 45 minutes right in front of the office (that confirms the axiom that when you are waiting for an Auto, it will never come… šŸ™‚

Finally reached the party and got on with the eating. Sanjay and Sonali with Sanchali were also there and Adi (Aditya), Ankur’s son was trying to teach her how to destroy things in the house.

Spoke about all old things of Cal. and what we used to do there and also of all the girlfriends that Ankur and another one of his friends from KVFW had…

Old rememberences… they do drown you…




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