8 09 2005

So I woke up 6:15 in the morning with the thought that today we are planning on a trip to a place called Shivanasamudram. This is where two big waterfalls are present along with a BIG hydro power plant and the main woe of the differences between the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the water sharing issues, of Cauvery River…

As always, Nitin had said that we will move at 8AM, while he gave me a ring at 7:12 AM and then had the audacity to ask me whether i had woken up and had to come over to his place in another ~15 minutes… šŸ˜¦

Anyways, I was ready by that time and made my way to his house; had forgotten to get the camera, so woke up Pranav, but as he sounded too sleepy decided to take the same from Nehal (she is always in office by 8:30AM and hence it was a good bet that she would be awake at that time of the morning… ). Rajesh’s bike came in handy to get the camera, as Mr & Mrs Mathur were not ready till the said time… šŸ™‚

Started the journey with Nitin feeling hungry from the word go [that too right after we sat in the car, wonder how Sonal deals with his hunger pangs] :-). Finally reached a nice Cafe Coffee Day near Muddur (specially catering for the traveler’s and foreigner’s). This is a must place to go to in the morning if one is traveling through this area, the scrambled eggs are a definitly recommended meal in the morning, and they make it nicely too… the only catch being that you have to get there before 9:45AM to savour these, else the same are finished and you have to go with the regular meals or the snacks kept in the cold storage.

Both the falls – Gaganachukki and Barachukki are nice places to go to, but I recommend the Gaganachukki as it is cleaner and less crowded. Barachukki, takes you on a long drive around the bluff (the hydro plant and its adjoining dam water reservoir) and has a Darga at its starting point; people also take baths after coming here and the water gets all the more dirty… šŸ˜¦ [When will our people improve and start being proud of such spots atleast where one can go and enjoy the peace and nature at its beauty.]

Took a lot of snaps and waddled in the water with the spray coming right onto our faces and drenching us, although Barachukki was a bit more calmer in that respect – even though it is the more powerful and rushed of the two waterfalls.

One recommendation though, don’t take the Kanakapura road, take the Mysore Highway while coming and going, the Kanakapura Road is worse, if you think that the Mysore highway is not completed and might not be a good route…




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