Studio 8 Party – After Release

27 09 2005

Releases seem to ease the environments in the companies… the same has happened with us, along with employees leaving for better opportunities. And so has happened to our group also. Just after the release on the 12th, the team went into a complete slumber and one of our ranks finally decided to go for better opportunities to GM, in Compiler/Parser development. It was just so that we are getting completely bored and frustrated with the stuff that was being offered to us.

I think the managers realize that and thus have not created a fuss on his leaving for the better opportunities. The work which was offered to us at the time of hiring was for working on White Box testing for a product being created, but the work we are currently doing is totally a black box job, which even a fresher who just knows to handle a computer would be able to do with the ease of a professional; all the interesting work seems to go to the people in control… 😦

Well! enough of ranting about this for now… getting on to the interesting parts of the same for now. The after release party was held at a resort on the outskirts of Bangalore and we decided to get there by car; along with our dear friend who wanted to fill up his tank in Hosur, where the price of fuel is cheaper by almost Rs. 3 to Rs. 4.

Finally we reached the destination of the party and found that although we had started the earliest, we were the last ones to arrive… πŸ™‚

The party and games began, with some choosing to play cricket and the others badminton, while the elders (oldies and Managers who are getting fatter by the day… πŸ™‚ ) decided to sit and play the audience. I went into the cricket group and our team WON the gripping and sweating exciting match… πŸ˜€

Had a lot of drinks and eats and then finally the dinner, where as usual we had a lot of leg pulling too… Also we faced a lot of the crawling forces of the ants along with playing Tambola (Housie) and Dumb Sharas… the final outcome was that we were drunk and rolling about with each other trying to find if we could still sit up or not πŸ˜› …. I managed it and reached the car for the drive back home. Although the car owner had to go and pick up/meet his GF of recent times, we managed to persuade him out of it, or was it that she had ditched him again…

Finally, Back Home…




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