Time to leave… (Macromedia/Adobe)

21 01 2006

So it happens, as with all good things (so goes the saying) that “it must come to an end”.
I have finally decided to leave Macromedia, which has now become Adobe. The problem was that although the money was good enough, seems like I required more and also the work was bogging me down to such an extent, that all that I had learnt at Acmet, was getting forgotten.

This I realized, when the new company, which interviewed me for the job, started by asking me what all I had started at Acmet and had been an active part in many mailing lists, as was imposed by Mr. Nair on me. “That” was a good working experience and not what I was doing here, with just pushing few keys and trying to make out if there is any difference between two similar looking images (one created using Flash & Flash Player and the other a image capture from the screen).

So, the new company is into embedded and control system, mostly to do with the security, and is called Solidcore. It is a startup and has just tied up with ATM major NCR for security to their systems. I ma much excited to get there and get my hands on to Linux and C along with some assembly languages also. The role is mostly in quality assurance, but the position they give is a senior software engineer. Seems good to be back to the old title with with I like to sign all the books that I buy (and there are many of these… 🙂 )

Macromedia has been a good company and launching pad for me into the big MNC’s. I have made some real good friends and met some real good people here too.

23rd of January is going to be my last day. 24th I am flying off with an extra load of lugguage back to Delhi, leaving behind too many good memories and good friends in Bangalore, which I hope I will come back to one of these days in the future (near or far, is yet to be seen)




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