16 04 2006

Today I came across an interesting concept for taking interviews, the head hunting agency which I went to were building up on this interesting thing called a video interview, where the person being interviewed sits in front of the camera and expresses his thoughts, about himself and work + the technologies he has worded on, this is then edited and sent to the client who wishes to hire the person. This eliminates 2 things, first, the person from the company coming over to take an initial screening round interview and wasting the time and resource if the person to be interviewed does not turn up, or if the person is called over for a face to face, then the expenditure for a wrong hire is saved. The company can access what goes on with the candidate being chosen by reading his body language and his answers.

Also, it helps the company/client in gauging many a CV’s which they would otherwise thing of as prospectives and calling them over for a hiring, only to find out that the content written in theory CV does not actually match with what they have otherwise portrayed themselves as in front of the interviewer.

Fabulous idea and I hope it makes a great hit with the IT world also as it would open a lot of venues – both in the country and abroad.




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