Sad News!!

20 04 2006

The pressures of work and environment these days seem to be going up.
Although I cannot say the above might be true for all, but maintaining and running an organization does take its toil.

I got to know through a former colleague of my last company – Acme, that the Chairman, Mr. R Raghavan had passed away due to a heart attack. A very learned person who had a wealth of information and the business acumen to start and hold on to his own by creating a company which adhered to quality values and taught me the most of how to survive and learn from things.

My condolences to the Family at Acme…




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26 06 2006


Is that true ? Very sad. Never a day goes by for me without thinking about him. He was such an inspiration to me.

Looking at your blogs it seems that you have worked with Acmet. I worked before when it was Ergo Electronics.

26 06 2006

Re: Sad


Yeah it is true, he passed away in Chennai on the 21st of April 2006. And yes, I was at Acme during the term of 2001 till 2004.

If you have worked there, you would be knowing Vijayan Reddy also. He is currently working for Adobe in Bangalore.



26 06 2006

Re: Sad

I worked with Ergo from 1992-1996. Muthu, Karnan, Sathian and few others were my co-workers around that time. I don’t know whether you know them.


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