Team Work and Quality

22 04 2006

An interesting thing that came out of my various interviews with prospective employees, were the concepts of Team Work and Quality. These take a bit of a beating, when we ask the people being interviewed about the topics of either Quality or Team Work. Seems like there are very few people in the 4-6 years experience bracket who even look at these things from the prospect of it being beneficial to their team. This was one of the things which seem to bother me a lot. They say that we have a big talent pool for working on software, but being good in creating software should not be the only criteria which is judging us. We are also to take into account as to how good the software that we create and the environment that we create it in, is.

A lot of us ignore that to build and take the team forward most of the responsibility lies with the team leaders. These are the people who are to motivate and give the team the responsibility so that the team gets involved and creates a software which they can be proud of using later. How do you expect a team which is disgruntled and not being heard to work and produce any sort of quality software? Look around and we find that except for a few people, who even are not distinctly related to the work culture in India, have created good and robust software. These have not come from individualistic efforts but were the result of good team work, quality and the team lead gelling the team together to create that kind of software. Why is it that companies which are in India almost never seem to churn out any kind of software that makes it to the market… Some might argue that marketing skills are the requirements [Joel’s Article on Development Abstraction Layer] But we also require a team and a person coordinating the team to create that kind of software. I remember my previous company’s GM in India telling us about how they created the Dreamweaver tool, mostly team work and a good team lead to go along with it. Also, quality was a keyword in all these scenarios… So, why is it that we have a stigma against quality and the team lead is just thought of as a technical guy who should know about the product and not about the team? His work is not just to assign work to the team but also to get the low down on the team as a whole and each of its members. But who cares … just get the work done and go ahead, there are a lot of people who will take it up from where you left it… 😦




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