Job Interviews – Taking

20 05 2006

Today was quite a hectic day. We had gone to Chandigarh for hiring a few people, and I woke up at 3 AM in the morning to get ready and reach Chandigarh at 1030 Hrs. As the interviews were going to start at 11. We had a lovely journey in a Innova with tubeless tires, one of which kept getting depleted of air and there seemed to be no way that it could be repaired until we got back to delhi, except that we had to keep getting air filled every time we saw a petrol station… 🙂

The interviews went off well at the Picadilly in Sector 22. We even managed to select a couple, then had a good lunch, courtesy the HR Manager [along with a bottle of beer]. On moving back, just before Panipat, we got caught in a BIG jam, created due to the construction of the road!! Here the road is being widened by L&T and was full of traffic trying to get through the jam and creating more of a Jam in the process.

It was a LONGGGG day when I finally reached home around 2300 Hrs… that constitutes about 3 hours sleep if I sleep at 2300, as last night I slept at 0115 in the morning. But, here I am writing and updating this blog entry and talking to someone special… 😛




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