Delimas and Decisions

30 05 2006

In life you come across all kinds of decisions and dilemas, some might be hard to take while others are soft options which you don’t even need to think about. I am currently facing a big decision, which is making me think a lot. For my current organization has asked me to think about what I wish to achieve in the future… basically my future goals. And for the first time, I was totally blank as to what I actually wish to achieve. Till date the main aim was just money and an independent work environment, but this means that I will have to look at things from a wider prospective.

Now comes the real dilema, what to do and what is it exactly that I wish to do. Herein lies the real crux of the matter as although I wish to grow a lot, I don’t think I am ready for that kind of exponential growth also, where my skill set of technical (whatever little bit I have) goes and I am more involved with the higher level of abstraction, but…

What to do is the main question before me now…




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