Use and Misuse

1 06 2006

I had gone to see the DaVinci Code… well! to say the least is best, it was beautifully re-created and picturized and the book was vividly brought out in the movie, but it lacked the appeal of an English [Hollywood] movie, the story line is too much familiar to the hindi movie goer and I think they have used phrases and sections which can be easily be called as being copied from those of a hindi movie [when did they start aping us on these things also?]… Come on guys, Hollywood can’t start with the stuff we give out to make our (Bollywood) movies a success in the BO, as these are to be seen by almost all the classes, while hollywood should be different and that is why people go to see these, when they are fed up of all the stuff that our bollywood is feeding us, we don’t require any more of it and that too coming from the hollywood stable… 😦

Thus, I say use the theme but don’t misuse it so that it becomes stale…




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