Life in Automation!!

12 06 2006

I joined a new startup firm [if you can call a 3 years old a startup] in January of this year and started off with one of their products currently in maintainence and enhancement under the windows platform. The going was good and I started learnign a lot on it and what one can do with such a product. This led me to a blissful and sedated life when suddenly, I was woken up to the fact that the main reason I had coem here was for automating the testing of the product.
Thus began my long search for a Perl script created by some former employees and now coming under maintenance to me and a couple of trainees who had come there for their MCA last semester. Thus, it was basically a 2-pronged task of taking care of the automation efforts along with the trainees. Training people seems to be a big hassle specially if they are of a background like the IIT’s where they tend to think of themselves to be the cream of the education system. What they fail to realize is that they have a good backing to support them and also they are from an environment which encourages innovation in minds which are at an impressionable age. [Well! more on this later]
Back to the automation process, it has been said that the total sales of Software Products in the US is around $180 billion, and the result of failure of these software might have resulted in big losses, most of which are hidden from public view. Automation is a field, which eases these expenditures as the Engineer has a better quality time to think and focus on more complicated and high-risk problems, making the product more bug free; as more bugs are caught, and these then go into the automated regression suite, so that they are not forgotten in the hands of a manual testing person in the future builds/releases.




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