Managing Full Time

25 06 2006

Ever wondered what goes into managing a team? Well, I am going through a situation, where I have to give it a concentrated thought. Earlier I used to always think why is this stupid person, who is my Manager never giving me any work which might enhance me as a person. Nowadays, I think, what can I give these people so that they don’t think of me as a stupid ass, who does not know what to do and how to delegate 😦 That is life…

Managing a team comes with all of its big bag of burdens that each one has to carefully take care of and nurture so that it becomes not larger, but smaller. I am still trying to learn the ropes and think I am not doing too good as for now. I have been independent in my woring throughout my work life and now that this has come up, I need to do a re-think of whatever I had not thought of. Taking care of things so as to appease the top bosses and also to keep a strict but friendly hand on all those who have been delegated to you, takes a lot of your energies. I do have to learn that art of where to stay ‘enough’ and where I can say ‘no’. The learning process goes on…




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