Management Lessons

1 08 2006

I have been going through a lot of transitions currently. Put in-charge of leading a team seems to be taking its toll. It is not an easy task and requires more of your understanding of the ‘Human Nature’ than the task at hand. Along with this you need to be technically sound as to parry queries and technical discussions with the people you are planning to lead. Along with the above, you need to be a good diplomat so as to not aggrivate the situations and also a good writer of mails and presentations, so as to appease the top management… 🙂

That is a totally different matter if you get the work done or not, but the management should get a feeling of it that you are actually doing it. Not saying that you don’t do it, only that the management wants to hear good things and not the bad news. So, you should be capable of giving it to them as and when required. Management teaches you a lot. You have to be curteous to your team members as well as the management on top of you. Also, don’t aggrivate a situation with your peers. It is better to settle down to something, as later you might require to get some work done from their side, which might result in the other person taking out his previous warth with you. And co-ordinate… this is the worst nightmare of any lead/manager. To co-ordinate and get the work done by other people. Here is where all the egos come into play as people from freshers onwards have a different set of egos [and capabitilities of displaying it] which can be either useful or harmful to the team.

Again, you need to be able to estimate and schedule things while taking into mind that both the people on top and below are satisfied with the same. I have met with a lot of resistance during these days. Along with the resistance came the personal problems and mind blocks of most. To take all these into consideration puts a lot of tension in your mind and the thing is that you must remain cheerful at all times, at the same time trying to be serious when explaining or assinging tasks… 🙂

So begins another day…




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