Bangalore Weekend Trip

18 08 2006
So it happened that I went on another fun trip to Bangalore…
It was just this long weekend, with a holiday on a Tuesday and Monday could also be adjusted with the various compensatory holidays. Just made the decision on the spur and a little bit of cajolling from Rishi and I was off with tickets booked and ready. The flight on Kingfisher airlines was as eventful as can be, after being served all the goodies and then getting on to the nice roomy cool seat to sleep. [Actually, I ended up reading a book – How would you move Mt. Fuji?]. This is one about how MS conducts interviews [the bad view] + how you can improve your traits and qualities to gain more in life and also confidently face any interview panel [the good view]. I have as yet to finish off with this…

On reaching Bangalore, was picked up by Gautam and Rishi [have to really do something about this, as I had ditched him last time he was in Delhi]. Went over to my old pad and had a good talk on things and what was going on, along with checking up the movie ‘EuroTrip’ on the home theatre. Went to sleep late and then had to get up early [5 AM] for the trip as it was scheduled to start around 6 AM. Reached the Office around 6, but as usual Nihit rang to inform that he had just woken up and would be there only by 7… 😦

The trip was arranged for a place called Kemmannagundi, then on to Jog Falls and Gokarna Beaches and back. This was supposed to be a 4 day trip [to be completed in 3 nights and 3.5 days :-)]. We started off fine and even reached Chikmagalur via Belur [saw the temple there again, just a short visit for Anjali and Nihit to admire it] around 12, a distance of around 230 KMs. After this we got lost in the scenic beauy of the places around. It was just too good a road to not stop and check out the scenic scenery being offered by the Baba Budannagiri Range of hills. We almost had a stop every 5-10 minutes or so, with each one of us popping out of the windows ready to take photos [i missed bringing my camera for the same… :-(]. Finally, we reached a point somewhat around 4 KMs from Kemmannagundi, where we reliased that we were trapped from the front by a simple land slide which had occured recently. [it had been raining intermittently for the whole trip making things look all the more brighter [although not for Nihit, who was driving and making all sorts of excuses for the potholed bumpy ride that he was conditioning us to :-D]. So finally it happened that we had to turn back with an extremely low fuel condition and go back to Chikmangalur [on the way picking up some fuel from a wayside shop]. Ate dinner at a place and made the mistake of not booking a room for the night, so landed up searching and finally found a somewhat decent place called Giri Lodge [room rent was 150 a night].

Woke up again next morning for a trip back to Kemmannagundi, taking the main state highway this time [which also turned out to be a scenic place, via Lingadahalli]. Kemmannagundi turned out to be a mystic place up in the hills with a good resort run by the Horticulture department, but it was full, one needs to book in advance, specially when going for holidays [contact: 08261-237126]. Nihit had decided on staying on, but the accomadation was not availble hence had to move onto Jog Falls, via Tarikere [route 206]. Jog Falls was a different kind of experience, it cannot be called all that awe-inspiring, but the place where the water actually becomes the falls can be seen enroute. This place was good. It did justice to the falls, with the gushing water and one can see that it is actually going ahead with strong currents, like they show on TV when a boat is about to go into the fall [reminded of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom fall]. The falls were deep and one were not able to check out the place where they actually meet the riverbed below, as the section was cordoned off.

Onto Gokarna we went then, following the route 206. On the way we stopped at a typical sleepy townside of Honnavar. This place is the ideal setting for when you wish to retire. Having all the amenities + the peacefulness of a small town. The stay was good and pleasant, also here bagan the process of bringing Nihit to terms with himself πŸ™‚

We had a long debate on this, which finally cumulated to the time we came back to Banaglore and Nihit agreeing to undergo a change if enough people told him so… πŸ˜€

All in all a good trip and enjoyed it throughly. The trip back was on IndiGo Airlines, this was an uneventful one and on reaching got picked up by Digjinder and Honey. Finally reached home at 0100 Hrs. Ready for the next day in Office… πŸ™‚




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21 08 2006
Nihit Saxena

hey what is this indigo airlines?

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