Managing Etiquettes

19 08 2006

I have come across many managers in my short span of life in the corporate life. The current one seems to be a big road block to me. Managers have understood that it is not likely that they will ever be able to make a person work against his/her will. They tend to be diplomatic while dealing with issues related to the same. And I think that is the best thing to do, I usually am and do tend to get things done, while the person is unaware of the same. But that might also have been due to the grooming I got and me coming up from being a fresher in the engineering circles, rather than from the management circles. I seem to realize that it does make a lot of difference. The former knows what are deadlines, but he also realizes the technical difficulties being faced and caters for them in the schedule, while the later is more concerned about the deadlines and how to cut costs.

Should we just be concerned about cutting costs from the production side? Is there not the aspect of the humna side to it also? If we impose on people they tend to grow disillusioned and might just tend to look for a place elsewhere, even though they are not sure if that would be better or worse than the current situation. Specially now with the burgeoning IT market, companies tend to offer more and more and also are ready to give perks for the ‘right’ candidate. [more on this ‘right’ candidate stuff later].

The best is to give a leeway to your employee and allow him to grow. It should not be an egoist attitude as to think of everything as being done by you and not give any credit where it is actually due. Also, imposing on people will take its toll, might be not on the project as such as new people can be hired, but on the quality as they tend to then do slip-shoddy work which will back fire later. So, as a manager if you are thinking only of the short term, then you are not a good manager, but a person who is after your own goal in life. In my opinion, such a manger should not be hired to lead.




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