Moment Camera’s

22 08 2006

Do you know that an average human being blinks at a rate of around 20 closures a minute??!!

Art started when man wanted to capture the daily life and record it for looking at the same in the future. Early art used to be depicting religion or mythical stories, but artists in Netherlands [around the 16th Century] began depicting normal life too, typified by Pieter Brugel’s paintings. Bruegel successfully captured the moment, which is to say a depiction of actions happening over a period of time in a single art.

Reading a article in IEEE Computer, August 2006 issue, I came across this interesting article on “The Moment Camera”. Here, they have described about a new way of taking photographs through the use of a new concept in Digital Camera’s. Current digital camera’s are said to scan the horizon that is being spanned in front of their lens and “respond to the changing lighting conditions by modifying their speed and/or aperture and setting the focus to adapt to depths in the scene”. The user is trying to catch that elusive instant when he feels that it is right to push the button to record the light entering the aperture and landing on the sensor, which then records the same to the permanent memory medium. [after the total light landing on the sensor during a fixed exposure interval is mapped to a raw image, receives further processing from a demosaicing algorithm before being processed into a JPEG]

Now with the concept of the Moment Camera, they are saying that it will take snaps at every 100th of a second once the user starts focusing the same. Now using a algorithm and some smart processing, all these images are condensed and blended together to form a single output image, which would capture the right moment. As an example, lets take the issue of when you are taking a group photo – you take about 50 snaps and now you get to choose which person is looking best in which snap [or a collection of people] and then just put a mark on those people and snaps which are the ideal ones. Voila! you have a perfect snap which is capturing just that moment that you were looking for, without anyone shown as blinking the eyelid or any such spectacular display which might spoil the overall effort. And to think that this all started by the number of times you blink …




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