Thought Processes

11 09 2006

They say that we are the thinking brains and hence we have risen to wherever we are today. Now, if someone wishes to stop that thinking process and make us all into just workers, what will happen. This is the thought that has been crossing my mind for a long time now. Specially since there have been many new developments at my workplace which are leading me along that path. I have often wondered on the aspects of Software Development, is it only just coding and testing that code that goes into it, or is there something else also involved. I always had the thought that it should have a lot more than just the coding and testing aspects. Then came the day when I entered the world of Software Development. Luckily for me the experience started with a lot of thought process going into it and also along with that a lot of logical reasoning and documentation.

The process in initialization into this field was not an easy one and that is what I had thought the way it should be. Just when I had started to feel that I had started to learn what goes into making and creating good software, I was introduced to the life of a mundane worker, who just is a glorified typist. This person has to follow whatever is being ordered of him and follow those instructions to the T. Forgotten were the previously taught things about logic and applying your own thinking power to create something. It all boiled down to deadlines and the best possible ways that you could go ahead to the challenge of meeting these and appeasing the top bosses. Although in this regime, you never got the credit for the long typing hours you spent trying to get tunnel carpal and eye fatigue. All the credit went to the guy who showed the top bosses the snazzy presentation slides made out of mindless mambos of jargon and technical quotes which neither the guy presenting it nor the people listening to him croon, could make any sense out of. But, all just nodded their heads in the fashion that they really were doing something great and had finally got near to achieving this too. [never understood till now that it was just another bonus cheque in their pockets]. This is when I revolted and ran to the next place which came across as a place where I would be allowed to think. And so it turned out to be until the time came when that same type of people again flocked back over me…

This is real frustrating when the person above you informs you to please shut down all thinking senses and start working according to set down rules and regulations!! What can one do in this case except change and expect that the new place will be a lot better and let you think??!!




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