Back to Basics {Automation, what else!!}

16 09 2006

So, I get on to my pet subject – Automation.
Now the problem I am being confronted with is that, I have 2 C programs which give me the functionality to achieve my image automation. Both these work on different files and so everything was working fine and clockwork. When we decided to introduce a spoke in the wheel and have a file which would map which image was being currently used and on which IP. Actually, the spoke was put in by me as I wanted to give more transparency to the overall working and ended up looking like the idiot who did not know what he is supposed to have done or was doing… 😦
Anyways! I put in this logic and lo and behold, a ‘Sharing Violation!!’.
I found the problem, I was accessing a file containing the images counter in both my programs and had forgotten to close the same in the one that ran second. Also, what I am doing is something of a series of complex things, by having the main server as a Linux box, with all the files and DOS image also on it and then trying to access the same through a DOS loaded cient machine via programs that I have written in 16Bit DOS through Turbo C, which is another case of complication in itself. The program logic is simple: Open a file, read the first line and corresponding to that, open another file and read another line [the first gives a numerical value, which corresponds to a line number in the second file]. Now, I just read that name in the second file and invoke a tool [ghost, acronis, etc., which runs on DOS] for installing that image name, which will already be available on a mapped drive to the client machine. Then I need to cater to incrementing the image counter and a file which will inform me on which system IP my image has been instaled.
The logic is simple, but the implementation does not seem to be. So, back to the basics… I need to start learnign C as a language right from start before I actually begin again… 😦




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