Rishikesh Trip

20 10 2006

The trip started off fine, with the four of us getting out of town at the desired time of 1700 hrs from Gaurav’s house, then the things got messy, as we had not bought the medicines and the snacks. Also, Gaurav A forgot the chocolates which were bought by Gaurav Z… šŸ™‚ Finally started off from NOIDA towards Ghaziabad around 1830 hrs. It was one hell of a journey towards Rishikesh, w;ith us getting lost on the way after Muzzafarnagar and moving towards a place called Rampur. On noticing the condition of the road that we were travelling on, Gautam thought we were not on the right track and asked a passing Police vechicle for directions, who directed us back to the roundabout from where we had to take a right turn.

This brought us back to the right road. Fianlly we reached the camp road side shack around 0400 hrs next morning [compare that with Gaurav A’s 5 hours… :-D]. The camp we were told was around 2 kms from the road side shack, so began the first trek at around 0400 hrs at morning/night. We reached the camp site at around 0500 hrs and then after having a cup of coffe, went off to the camp beds. These were real good camp tents, with fully covered and protected, along with two bunk beds with sleeping bags.




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