Catering to Client Server Cases

21 10 2006

Ok, so now I have come across a scenario, where I have to cater to the scenarios where we get a server and a corresponding client which has to be tested out. The problem being encountered here is that, the server system has to be up before we consider the client system. So, the current Image Automation/PXE system cannot handle it, as it is a dumb system which just knows that it has to read a line from a pre-defined file and if a file name of the same name is found in the IMAGES directory, then just use the image restoration software and install that image. So, I had to spruce up the system to take care of the new scenario and make the framework more intelligent so as to say… 🙂

Well! after a round of discussions, we came across the thing that if we make use of the map file created earlier and from this find out which all images are installed [actually we just have to work out if the last image installed was of a server and then install its corresponding client] we can then easily take another map file and work out which image of the client to install on the next system that gets free. Till that time the process keeps going into a loop… 😦 [would this be a good solution, have to implement it to find out the same].




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