Rishikesh Trip – Part 2

23 11 2006

So, finally we reached the tips of the camp. It was a dark place but looked well maintained. They had a separate shack which was working as the dining room and the place to sit out and enjoy. We had our ‘early’ morning snack there and then went over and hit the sack. The next day, miraculously, we were up real early around 8 and the rafting season started. Gaurav A and Gaurav Z along with Gautam B, took their own sweet time to get ready and by the time we were ready to go, it was already 10AM. [Gaurav A being the last, due to him wanting to put on his best make-up.. :-)]

Started off from the shore round 1030 Hrs with all the gear put on and had a lovely time going over the Wall, Three Blind Mice, etc. These are the names given to the various white water places on the Ganges. Finally, we touched down at someplace close to Rishikesh and went out to wait for the journey back to the camp. It was a long journey back, as none of the trucks or buses or taxi’s would stop to give us a lift. Until this truck chap came up and we all crowded onto his truck, with the guide and his assistant on the roof of the truck front. It really was a horrendous journey, with all of us 4 cramped in the small cabin up front along with the driver and 2 more people. We took around 3 hours to complete that journey of 30 Kms… !!!

Exhausted and depleted, we hit the sack once again. Woke up for the night dinner and to kick our socks over a cosy camp fire that had been put up. Gaurav A as usual took out his smoking chimney and lighted up for the night, taking the poor guide also along with him [actually the smoking pot had been supplied by the guide only…]

Next day was cool and we just chilled out at the beach front basking in the sun and the sand. Gaurav Z managed to cover me with all the sand he could find and also had a sneak peek of me while I was trying to get it off… 😦

Journey back was uneventful, till we reached Ghaziabad and went to the famous dhaba of Gaurav A and Gaurav Z. Had a couple [more than a couple, atleast half a dozen by each] of paranthas and then headed back to the homes.

Next morning I had to take Gautam B to the Airport @ 4 in the morning… 🙂




2 responses

11 12 2006

Didn’t you guys do the cliff jump there, that’s a fun thing too. If you missed doing it there, i would suggest making up for it here by jumping off the oracle building 😛

12 12 2006

you do not approve of my previous comment!!?!??!!! 😛

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