Work @ Big Corporates

20 12 2006

So, I have started work at another one of those so-called Big Corporates which they say have the best policies for their employees. But does the Work Culture and the kind of work being offered also effect the employee’s or are they to be silent spectators in the grand wide scheme of things of churning out one badly conceptualized product after another?
Even the best of organizations are unable to offer the type of employee satisfaction that is required when working. I think it mostly depends on the seniors to ensure the type of quality work and environment which compels the employee to stick around and do the work given sincerely and to his own satisfaction level rather than that of the Organization. We do have a responsibility towards all those who are working with or for us to ensure that they are constantly energized to do the kind of work that is required from them. work and Money do not go hand-in-hand everywhere, but with the rising expectations [on the Money front] of the new breed of IT people who are coming into the field has fueled a sort of a mad rush where everyone just seems to be running for the money and not the work that is offered.
We are ready to take up a downright insulting work to our intellect rather than compromise on the Money part. Then the cribbing starts…
Why do we do this? Have we been ignoring these issues in the past so that the monster has become uncontrollable? I think so, we try to think of everything in terms of Money and in this we tend to spend a lot of it even when we might have not earned it, this way we start looking for avenues to make more and end up in the classic trap of making more Money without looking at the Work we may be doing to earn the same. I think it is high time we understood our priorities and started doing what we really wish for instead of chasing that elusive Money which might never give us the satisfaction we need.

Then again, it is also the prerogative of the seniors who need to start making the Work more interesting so as to reduce the problem of Attrition being faced by all. If we start making work interesting along with the money then we might just manage to curb this fascination of people to splurge and then look for avenues to retrieve back that lost Money. This way we might even manage to save the ever impeding problem of salaries in India crossing the profitability mark for the Corporates and save ourselves from a Big Depression…




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5 06 2007

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17 06 2007


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25 08 2007

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17 03 2008

Hello all I’m new here !

Just wanted to say Hello to everyone.
Much to read and learn here, I’m sure I will enjoy !

18 03 2008

Hello all I’m new here !

Just wanted to say Hello to everyone.
Much to read and learn here, I’m sure I will enjoy !

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