HR Woes

27 12 2006

The major thing with HR in every Organization is that they are very vindictive. I have encountered HR and had major tiffs with them in almost every Organization and the only place where I found them to be accommodating was Macromedia and then later on in Solidcore. Here, the major reason was that all our activities were taken care of either by the Administrative Staff or by our Managers, who went by what we had to offer in our skills and not what we did in our previous companies and why we left and why and why… !!
The basic premise of the HR these days is to find out more on a psychological manner as to what is the nature of the person they wish to recruit. They have forgotten that the person might be more interested in getting his work done than to cater for their regular laments on the person not having a good degree or a good company name behind him. Now, I ask these people, do they think that their own company has such a good brand name? Why most of the companies these days are just coming up in their space and are almost unknown; why then do they go about seeking people who are coming from good brand names? The work being done is and should be the main concern and not the lure of a big brand name.
Then again there are those HR who do not even seem to care about what is going on with the people they have to get recruited. I encountered a similar fate in AMD, where the HR after informing me that I had got through and the offer was ready for me to sign on the dotted line, never got back to me. All he could say was – Oh! I was on leave [ok, you were, but atleast inform the next person that this candidate needs to be informed] or the MD is not available and I have to check with him [even when the last time he had said that the MD was on his way back the same day and he would give me a ring as soon as he came in]. Now this is not what I call professionalism, is it??!!

Then these people ask us as to why we are leaving the previous company, well! you are the guys who are keen on making me leave by offering a new post and better money??!! Why not leave? And then when we want to leave your company, you make all sorts of fuss about it and don’t even allow us a decent exit. You want us to join the next day, but while leaving we need to give a thousand days advance notice and even then you create so many hurdles in the way that we are unable to peacefully and amicably exit. Why! That is all I wish to ask you guys!!




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