Trip to Hyderabad

26 01 2007

It just happened that Gautam and me decided to go on a car trip to the famed city of Hyderabad. Actually, it was more driven by Anshul, who wanted to go on a long drive and have the ‘fun’ of a car drive. Well! everything started off fine, we got up EARLY in the morning and got ready to leave for the city. It was going to be Gautam and I driving, with the back seat converted to a sleeping den. And so, promptly after getting off from home, I dropped off to sleep… 😀
The drive would have been almost uneventful, except that when I took over the wheel, things began to get wobbly. I realised that after we had driven a couple of kilometers, the car was dragging towards the right… [hmm!! now that was odd!! :P]. So stopped, at the nearest ‘dhaba‘ that I could locate on the road side, and looked up the tires, and lo and behold!!, the front tire was bust. So we got down to changing the tire and finally managed it with a few superficial burns [the tire! the tire! it was hot stupid]. Just then when we finished and looked up what do we see but a ‘puncture‘ repair shop right next to the ‘dhaba‘. Okie! don’t want another of your wise cracks, we then went over to it and asked him to repair the wheel. With that done we continued the “almost” uneventful journey. Oh! yeah forgot to mention, that would have been the first day in both Anshul and Gautam’s working life that they had woken up @ 5 in the morning and kept awake well upto almost 1 in the night [except for both catching a few winks now and then during the journey and @ Gautam’s home]… 😀
Finally reached Hyderabad [actually Secunderabad, where Gautam’s Dad has his official Railway’s Mansion] and promptly plonked off to sleep. Woke up with the usual, Anshul yelling at us that we are lazy good for nothings and that her friend was coming to pick her up and she was going and… and… . So managed to pick our lazy bums and get around to looking decent. But, still Gautam managed to look like the GranDad to Anshul’s friends, who mistook him for his Father… 😛
Went out to the [dirty, stinking] lake and also had some Ice Cream before that with Gautam, his Mother and Sister. Finally, had to keep awake till around midnight when Anshul finally came back preening like a hen and showing off her friend who had come back from the US to join MS India operations. The next day dawned and we went off to see the Nizam’s jewels and the Fort. Jewels were Ok, there were a few rare pieces around [still am unable to comprehend why people crowd around these stones and are all Ohhh!! Ahhh!! when they see them]; they look nothing special to me!! So, we proceeded to the fort and went right till the top. There was a dance sequence being shot for some movie down there and we could make out some boy/girl [don’t ask who] trying to get the dancers to get their steps right. Gautam and Anshul were as expected – exhausted [;)], when we reached the top and so let them catch their breath [oh! yeah the scenario below was also breath taking] while i had the chips and thums up from the utility shop there… 🙂

Came back the next day with Gautam driving most of the way and I driving at the worst patches where he could not manage… 😛




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