Web World & Advertising

5 04 2007

There seem to have been a lot of enhancements going on in the Web sphere. Initially, the web was just a place to share information on academic topics around the world. But recently, the Web seems to have acquired a characteristics of its own, where the individuals as a collective drive what they think would succeed and what would not. This has seen the emergence of the various communities on-line where each is trying to grab a bigger pie of the on-line users and thus establish themselves as the front-runner is this race which has started off to attract users.

Where does all this lead to?
The basic answer to the above would be more Advertising revenue and hence more sales and thus more jobs to cater for these factors. Alone, the Web would not have propagated to where it is currently. Organizations realized during the initial days of the emergence of the Internet that this media was going to be one of the major revenue earning streams and along with that also a great tool for advertising their wares and again generate revenue in the process. These Organizations went about promoting the Internet for their own needs and hence the transmogrification of the Web from an academia interest to the entertainment interest of now.

Advertising has become the way of life of many these days. We have professionals and complete Web/Internet Companies/Organizations dedicated to this way of life and users who are happy on clicking through and checking the various fares thus advertised. This is beneficial for all, as the Companies get a good exposure of their products and employ more as sales increase and the people get more jobs and better pays which they can again spend in what they like from these advertisements. Money is circulated and this means good for the Governments, which can also grow their own Countries economies and make sure that the citizens get what is due to them. Taxes grow and so do incomes.

Who says Advertising is bad??




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