Automation Tools

17 05 2007

There is a proliferation of automation tools in the markets these days. From the Open Source variety which may be paid or free, to the Commercial tools which claim to be the best in the market place. The main issue with all these is that they are meat for a particular kind of generic testing. The Commercial tools makers say that their tools are meant for a particular solution or are generic enough that they can be used in any kind of situation; but the issue here is that they are not configurable enough to be used in all kinds of situations. Similar are the issues related to the Open Source tools flooding the market these days. (Just run a search on Automation Tools, it gives about 25,600,000 results and 8,250,000 results for Testing Tools)

Of all the above results, each is advertising that their tool is the best. Although I have gone through plenty of these in my career as a automation engineer, I almost always had to tweak each one of these to suit my needs. This is required also, and for this purpose the makers of these tools have given each a tool command language (don’t confuse with TCL/Tk). These languages are usually related or belong to the family of one of the scripting languages (mostly it seems to be VBScript in the some of the popular Commercial tools).
Nowadays, I am using and trying out some Open Source and a few Commercial ones. Of these, Selenium and Waitr, I have found interesting for the work I am doing. TestComplete is the Commercial one being used, along with Test Link; hence am using these. For Selenium, Flash integration looks a good prospect and I am planning on using FlexUnit along with Selenium tools for such. Lets see what happens and comes out of this going forward… 🙂




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8 10 2007

Integration of TestComplete with TestLink

Hi komputr_nerd

I have got TestComplete at my work and I use it to automate my test cases. Recently my company has decided to start using TestLink for handling/reporting of testcases. But now the main question for me is how do I integrate these two ??? I havent played with API’s before and any help shall be appreciated.


28 11 2013

It was nice article it was very useful for me as well as useful for TESTING tools learners .thanks for providing this valuable information.

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