लॉस वेगास कि सवारी

30 07 2007

I was in the US and then there were a couple of us who decided to embark on this journey to go to the Casino Capital called Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. It all started as a idea of going somewhere for the weekend and we ended up with finalizing on Las Vegas. It was a 9 hrs journey (according to Google Maps), which we could do in a rented car and I had the rented car 🙂
It turned out that I would be the only person who would be the driver as none of the other 3 had driven a car safely in India or the US [the less said of my driving skills, the better :)]. But, I was the only guy who had the car, so the others had to bear with that.
The journey start itself was uneventful, with us reaching a cruising speed of about 100-110 as soon as we touched the freeways. And then it happened. I was going around 80 miles on this stretch of a by-pass we had taken, supposedly a shorter route after filling up on gas, when suddenly I saw the traffic ahead was slowing down and coming to a stand still :(… and i just had the time to jam on the brakes and bring the car down a gear when we bumped into a car in front :). The guy came out flexing his muscles and I was a bit apprehensive, I also had got out and we shook hands and then with the cars at the back yelling at us, we slid with the cars over to the corner; exchanged numbers and drove off.
Reached Las Vegas sometime in the morning of next day at around 8 in the morning, after an almost 11 hrs journey with breaks and booked ourselves into the Extended Stay America motels. This one was near the casinos and we would not have had to walk too much, but still we had the car. The heat had started… and we could feel the same. Went on the car to the place they call ‘The Strip’ where all the big and famous casinos are situated. Parked the car in one of the free parking zones which are situated there in a breakfast and casino joint and went in to start with meals and games 😀
Overall a great trip and we even managed to look up the Hoover Dam, which is shown in the movie ‘The Transformers’. Will be putting in more about this journey in a better format later. Right now only as a placeholder 🙂




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18 10 2010

Ki pe badi e ki matra honi chahiye 😉

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