San Francisco and Beyond

26 08 2007

This time in the US, I made quite a few trips to SF. That seems to have become my favourite haunt on the West Coast, with all the hustle and bustle of a live city and the exhilaration that you feel when coming in there. The City is LIVE!!
I landed in SFO and then there was the 4th of July celebrations. Went over to a house party organized by one of Wil-ta’s friends and enjoyed the same a lot [even have some video’s of the party, where all were trying to prove their muscle power to tear in 2 from the rib, old phone directories :)]. The celebrations we watched from near the Almo Park [yep same place where the 6 sisters reside]. Then I came back after catching the CalTrain and a cab to get back [obviously, totally drunk :P]
The next time was with a friend [Karan] and we went in his car. Reached without incident and then basically went to the tourist places of Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 and finally landed up at a bar called ‘Revolution’, after a trip to the Old WWII Submarine situated beside the Pier 39. Nice and fun trip altogether and enjoyed a lot 🙂
Then went over again to checkout Wil-ta singing a duet [just joking, Wil-ta and sing :D] with his band in ‘The Elbow Room’. This was another of those fun trips and roamed around a lot. I like roaming on foot and had a lot of time to do that. Although had to comeback early due to the trains running only till midnight. Missed out on the band performance too 😦
Another of the enjoyable trips I made was with a colleague, who took us in his CR-V to SF and around the Golden Gate bridge. It was a misty moisty morning with the fog covering the Bridge, but we managed to check some great spots and take some great pictures of the bridge and the surroundings.
Overall I should say, a great trip with great mini-trips around the place… 🙂




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