Of Lost Baggage!!

30 08 2007

So it finally comes to a point where I culminated my US trips with a lost baggage counter. It so happened that I had gone on a vacation to my family members in Nashville and was supposed to catch a flight from there back to SFO. In between on the same day we had this batchmates meet coming, so decided to go for that too :). The final result was that when I reached Singapore for the next lap of my vacations, I was without my baggage :D. The only luggage which came through was the hand baggage with the laptop and a few necessities which I thought I might be needing.
The situation at the Changi Airport was such that it delayed me in getting to the baggage counter; I had forgotten to get the tickets updated and they did not allow me through with the Visa [:(]. After a lot of hue and cry and also getting a mail from the travel desk, I reached for baggage which was not visible [if you get down, you have to clear the customs and immigration at Changi, before getting to the baggage claim].
I then had a great time in Singapore, trying to locate my size of clothes [+under clothes], which surprisingly were not visible in the departments, as most cater for girls clothes only [:P]. And when I did manage to find some, they were real expensive 😦 [not the girls variety, I assure :)]. Well! Had to purchase a few and try to look smart [yep, i know, i know, i am as is, but…]. Roaming around Singapore was real fun. Great city to shop and also to see the places. Specially for a 2-3 days tour. The Gardens and the Zoo are good and well maintained and Clean … [more on this later, I hope my baggage is not totally lost :(]

So, finally the result comes to this: I have a few people fuming on the lost baggage, as I had borrowed it from them and a few crying as to why they asked me to get their stuff. While I try and get over the fact that I might have some very dear possessions and gifts which are missing 😦




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