Automating the Performance

7 12 2008

These days I have been quite occupied with a new development for checking the performance of applications and products. In this field, I came across a lot many applications (SLAMD, HTTPLoad, LoadRunner, etc.) and many new ways to check the performance based on API’s and white-box. It is interesting to know what a simple (single) line change and make to the performance of an application. Also, came to know about Mutex and Semaphores. These are also in some ways instrumental in making an impact on the performance of the tool based on how and where locking is made use of.

In the course of my investigations, I came across a great site for Q&A: This has been started by Joel (of joelonsoftware fame) and Jeff Atwood, along with a few other of their colleagues.

Back to the performance tools, I think SLAMD does a good job of checking web based applications. While for command line based ones or API checkers, I think the best way is to go with customized applications, which you build on your own, or start asking for help in the form of questions or professional consultancy đŸ™‚




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