Coding continues…

7 03 2009

So continuing from the last logs position, my main work composed of jut running an already created test suite and manually checking various parameters and locations [myriad ones for the various products and pipelines] for the aggregated logs and aggregations based on business logic. The work was mostly labour intensive. And somehow I forgot in all that meddle that there is something known as coding too. Then came the mentoring part, where 2 more people were added under me and I had to inform and train them on the Logs and Stats products. There I entered into my passive mode more, as those two started taking up more work. I started entering into a state of procrastination.

The realization dawned on me when I came into the next project for Prediction of advertising came up and I was stil in this state and something important got missed by me. It seems I was not getting motivated enough and the innovative streak in me died with that.



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