Work Culture

12 01 2010

I am still not sure as to why people want you to be political in the work life. They want you to cut corners, claim credit for what you have not done and generally make you into something which you were not meant to be. My aspirations have been always to grow technically in whatever I do. Since my childhood I was interested in breaking open all sorts of things just to figure out, how in hell did they work. I was fascinated by computer games and miniatures and loved playing with computers (although managed to keep my hands away from opening them) and making miniature things. This fascination led me to join Engineering and carry forward my interests. I skipped getting into the armed forces as I thought it would curb my passion for electronics, but I landed into something worse… the cut throat competitive and politics filled world of the Indian Corporate sector.

People want you to change and start claiming points for what others have done, they want you to cut down others, as to them that is the only way that you can hope to grow. Why I ask? Why should this be the way of the corporate world? Can’t we live life on our achievements alone?




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