Personal Issues @ Work

28 02 2010

Should we begin work with thoughts other than work on our minds? Organizations which have matured have started dealing with the employees personal issues also. As they have understood that to have a great working force, they need to be fresh in mind when they enter Office. This makes them concentrate on work and leave their worries behind atleast for the time span that they are in the Office premises.

Most of the time it is the managers job to act as the personal shoulder weep in these situations, but things are changing. We gradually are seeing more professional help coming in with the introduction of counselors, whose job is to make the employees feel at ease. My point here being, why should the managers always be the ones to take care of the personal weeps of an employee. Managers themselves have enough to take care of in the professional front, with all the cost cutting and such activities, having to hold back employees is taking a toll on them. Over that, the extra burden of trying to resolve personal matters is another thing.

I have been going through a lot of this lately and have began to feel that the responsibility of personal matters should depend on the employee and professional help needs to be sort out. Taking recourse on the senior management is not an option and should not be used for matters where they are also helpless than to just give advice and hope the employee can get through with his work.




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