Cardinal Rule for Automation

28 05 2010

So let me first state what is the first rule we learn about Automation of the testing for any project/product: Do not automate anything before the application comes to a stable state. But seems like this basic rule of Automation is forgotten by people when they become managers. Or they have never done any automation and feel that anything and everything should and must be automated to make any impact.

Well! People need to understand that Automation is not just a buzzword which needs to be done to create an impact on your own ratings and seniors. It is a serious study and work, which needs to be carefully thought out and then worked on through the design, development and minimal of maintenance. Not something which just on the whim and fancy of saying that Automation is on the agenda and has been completed.

Update: I fully agree with what @meDilbert has to say. Automation has become a word in process trainings and the CV’s of people wanting to portray that they have worked on it. It brings accolades to the person who implements it and brickbats for those who even mention that it might be nonviable. 🙂




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28 05 2010

Seems like you just attended a training on Automation process. Used to happen to me when ever I would attend some of the process training and then forced to unlearn once back in team.

The process exist only in best practice books. Most of the automation projects have vague plan, no ROI and never used after its implementation. The rework and constant maintainence actually makes the project not viable so its never even discussed in planing (if there was one)

At end of the day some one is going to add a “Successfully Implemented Automation Project” to CV, get couple of spot bonus, Manager gets credit and every one is happy except poor fella who dared to say Automation is nonviable.

Follow Hindi provorb “Aeeda banke peda khana”- act dumb and be Happy. Take ownership of some silly module and be happy with every one else.

28 05 2010

Just realized my comment is bigger than your post 😛 should start writing blog of my own

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