Functional Testing, is it truly functional?!

2 06 2010

Most people who have been into the game of testing, drop words like functional, regression, end-to-end, system, integration testing like they are the ones who invented them. You ask the person on what exactly he wishes to attribute that kind of testing to, and you get a blank stare, which states – “You Stupid! Don’t you even know this much? And you wish to test my knowledge of it??!!” 🙂

Well! To me the concept of Function Testing is rather vague. It usually starts when the developers complete a component and hand it over to the test team. What needs to be checked and verified is the functionality of the component. How does one go about doing this? In the true sense, most of the time, functional is not about functionality, but more about the interface between multiple components in an application.

(more coming up…)



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