Working on the testing of products and applications, using all means possible and any programming language and/or hardware! 🙂

Have been trying to collectively put in my thoughts on Testing and Work in general into this blogroll! Will try and keep the unnecessary items out from here and concentrate on testing only, but being a pro at laziness, that is going to take some time to clean-up the rut already created here! So, please excuse 🙂

Am currently working out of this place they call the “Down Under“, where I live in Sydney, New South Wales!

I have been a developer/tester with Acme Technologies, iGate Global Solutions, Macromedia, Adobe, Solidcore ( McAfee / Intel ), Oracle, pi Corporation ( Decho Corporation ) , Yahoo! and recently Microsoft. Although a lot of these experiences are reflected here, I try not be be biased towards any of the test methodologies followed by these organizations (that is, if any had any particular methodology 😉 )

Do feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.

7 responses

30 09 2011
Ajoy Kumar Singha

Impressive blog. Contact me at my email id or visit me at http://testingcircus.com

27 07 2012
Britta K. Steele

Hi Ajoy, Our CEO and Founder Wolfgang Platz and I both enjoyed your blog article. Great writing and you really have a solid understanding of TOSCA. Can we publish your Blog article on our website? Also let me know about the services that you guys offer. All the best and keep on blogging!
With best regards, Britta K. Steele, Chief Marketing Officer, TOSCA

17 03 2013

Thank you for the encouragement Britta. Please feel free to use the article, if you find it useful. Will be blogging on TOSCA more in the coming days. Regards, Gagneet

6 09 2012
Chong Fong Kai

Hi, I am linking your pages on a group of people in facebook. The name of the group is QAKL (Quality Assurance Kuala Lumpur). Thank you for the wonderful insights and review of each of those tools and methodology. 😉

17 03 2013

Thanks Chong, I hope people on your group like the articles. 🙂

10 06 2014

Hi Gagneet,
This is regarding ur stackoverflow post


I have a similar requirement of collecting performance metrics using open source tools. we are planning to use Appium to write functional tests and use some open source toosl to collect performance metrics.can you please share what approach did u take?

please mail me at suman583@gmail.com


11 10 2016

Dear Sirs,

We are French students in last year of high school in engineering science.

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Could you support our project or let us to visit your compagny?

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Dousset Simon

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